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Jacqui on her travels with the Taj Mahal in the distance.

Jacqui Gifford

Editor in Chief, Travel + Leisure

@jacquigiff  @travelandleisure

Our first Passport interview is with one of the most authoritative figures on travel. Jacqui Gifford is the Editor-in-Chief of Travel + Leisure. Her background is as intriguing as the magazine she oversees. Born in Japan, she lived in Qatar and Saudi Arabia before attending Princeton.

During the initial months of Covid, Jacqui continued to publish Travel + Leisure while competitors refrained in doing as such. She was highly praised, her brave decision spoke to people, like us, who are travel enthusiasts and value resilience during these uncertain times.

To this end, Jacqui shares insider knowledge on destinations, as well as local travel, via her residence, Manhattan.

The Journey

Jacqui's New York City

Images courtesy of Jacqui Gifford, Hotel Grande Bretagne, Travel & Leisure Instagram,

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