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Sabina and her dog Gin, photographed by Kurtiss Lloyd.

Sabina Savage

Creative Director, Sabina Savage. Artist.


A conceptual genius, Sabina Savage has quickly established a name for herself as an artist and print designer. Her eponymous range of hand-illustrated scarves and clothing feature intricate designs and a strong storytelling narrative. Graduating as Valedictorian of the prestigious ESMOD, Sabina designed scarves at Alexander McQueen before starting her British brand.


Sabina’s artistry creates the magic of her designs. Fantastical stories are woven through her highly detailed drawings, each piece a treasure trove of references. For each collection, Sabina conducts extensive research at museums to build up a solid theme. Animals, nature, mythology and history come alive in tiny pencil strokes – the signature that is Sabina Savage. Sabina shares how she finds stylish inspiration around her, and of course, the art of the scarf.

What sparked your interest in design? 

I think an interest in design is something you are born with. If you have it, you see it in everything: from color combinations to architectural details to the curl of a leaf. 


What are your inspirations as a creative influencer?

I am inspired by history, culture, literature, art and primarily the natural world. I write a heavily researched short story for every collection, allowing me to delve deep down rabbit holes of inspiration and detail for each collection. Sometimes I will begin researching one theme, and I will end up on a completely different tangent as the inspiration guides me elsewhere. 

What is your most important style consideration when creating an outfit? 

The most important thing for me is to stay true to one’s own style. I think it’s so important to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and what makes you feel your best. Style is as much about attitude as clothing. If you feel good in your outfit, that will shine through.

Share a fond memory of your time this summer. 

In early July, I found a tiny two-week-old kitten which had been abandoned at the end of my garden (now called Panther – our Instagram followers will be very familiar!). Much of my summer was spent nurturing her back to health which has been hugely rewarding. She is now a firm member of the Sabina Savage team!

What would you like to accomplish in the next year?

We have so many exciting things coming up this year for the brand, and a few of them have been on hold due to the pandemic. I am so excited to get things moving again and release what we’ve been working on. 

Sabina's Archive

Images courtesy of Sabina Savage.

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